What if you could eliminate all commission and processing fees from your online ordering?

That’s a reality we’re providing to restaurant owners across the US. We see the burden third-party ordering companies are forcing onto restaurant owners and have shared in the heartache of those working only to make ends meet. The message is clear; these third-parties are posing as a solution to the same problem they’re contributing to.

Three Simple Step to Online Ordering Independence

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So what are the features of Tría?

No Fee Ordering

  • No commissions, no fees
  • Eliminate credit card processing fees
  • Simple low-cost monthly subscription

Off-Premise Options

  • Complete control over your food
  • Contorl your customer’s experience
  • Maintain the integrity of your brand

Full Online Menu

  • Unlimited menu items and modifiers
  • Progress reports
  • Maximize your online footprint

Expert Coaching

  • One-on-one calls
  • Progress reports
  • Maximize your online footprint

Mass Marketing

  • SMS and Email Marketing
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Export your customer list

Seamless Integration

  • Convenient online ordering system
  • Seamless integration
  • Link your listings and website

Customizable Coupons

  • Create custom coupons
  • Send directly to your customers
  • Created for your brand

Loyalty Program

  • Built a loyal customer base
  • Create a refer-a-friend program
  • Attach loyalty points to menu items

Online Visibility

  • Increase online visibility
  • Essential info for your customers

  • Search Engine Optimization

Never Miss an Order

  • Save time with kitchen printing
  • Set notifications for order
  • Plug-n-play printer for simple steup

Admin Dashboard

  • Built-in marketing features
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly

  • Analytics and reporting

QR Code Generator

  • Pay for meals from their device
  • More sanitary than a physical menu
  • Marketing ready for banners

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Commission-Free Unlimited Ordering

Whether your restaurant does $500—or even $50,000 in online orders—your cost never changes.

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